Tuyển tập 480 bài toán quốc tế ôn thi Toán AMC lớp 3,4 có hướng dẫn giải

Tuyển tập 480 bài toán quốc tế ôn thi Toán AMC lớp 3,4 có hướng dẫn giải.

Mọi thông tin cần hỗ trợ tư vấn tài liệu ôn thi vui lòng liên hệ:





Questions 1 to 10, 3 marks each

1) How many eggs are in these cartons?

Đề thi Toán AMC lớp 3, 4

      (A) 12                      (B) 15         (C) 16         (D) 18         (E) 21

2) Which one of the following is the largest number?

    (A) 401                    (B) 410              (C) 14              (D) 140              (E) 44

3) Which of the following is equal to 3 m?

(A) 3 cm                 (B) 30 cm        (C) 300 cm        (D) 3000 cm        (E) 36 cm

4) A bowl has 8 peaches. After the children take one each, there is one peach left. How many children are there?

Đề thi Toán AMC lớp 3, 4

      (A) 5             (B) 6         (C) 7                           (D) 8        (E) 9

5) A Runnyball team has 5

This graph shows the number of goals each player scored in a tournament.   

Giải đề thi Toán quốc tế AMC khối 3, 4     

Who scored the second-highest number of goals?          

    (A) Ali                  (B) Beth              (C) Caz       (D) Dan           (E) Evan

6) The next counting number after 1089 is

    (A) 1090               (B) 10810          (C) 1910          (D) 1900          (E) 1009


19) A square piece of paper is folded twice along its diagonals, as shown in the diagram. Two corners are then cut off. When the paper is unfolded, what will it look like?

Hướng dẫn giải đề thi Toán quốc tế AMC lớp 3, 4

20) It takes Preeti 30 minutes to walk to Sometimes she goes on her bike and she cycles twice as fast as she walks. Occasionally, her mother takes her in the car, which goes three times as fast as her bike. How many minutes does it take to get to school in the car?

(A) 2                          (B) 4                 (C) 5                 (D) 10                 (E) 15

Questions 21 to 25, 5 marks each

21) In my dance class, 14 students are taller than Bob, and 12 are shorter than Alice. Four students are both shorter than Alice and taller than Bob. How many students are in my dance class?

(A) 22                         (B) 24                (C) 26                (D) 28                (E) 30

22) My sister and I are playing a game where she picks two counting numbers and I have to guess them. When I tell her a number, she multiplies my number by her first number and then adds her second number.

When I say 15, she says 50. When I say 2, she says 11.

If I say 6, what should she say?

    (A) 23                     (B) 27                (C) 35                (D) 41                (E) 61

23) A year 6 student saved 100 cents in 5 days, each day saving 5 cents more than the previous How many cents did she save on the fifth day?

    (A) 20 cents      (B) 25 cents                    (C) 30 cents                    (D) 40 cents (E) 50 cents


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